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True! It takes SO much hard work to make it look so easy #cheer #stunts #quote #thingsweloveatspiritaccessories

I really wanna try this stunt, competitive cheerleading, #cheer cheerleaders competition #KyFun moved from Top Cheerleading board

"2 sprained ankles, a concussion, 3 strained muscles, hips that pop out of place, shin splints, wrists that crack, bruises so deep the bone is bruised, lung problems due to hurt muscles and im still cheering and loving every minute of it."

Cheerleading Confessions. And then you go on auto pilot. You don't even have to think you've done that routine enough that you don't have to think about it. You just do it!

Cheerleading inspiration: Desire for Success. #cheerleading #cheer #cheerspiration #cheerquotes

See Bre has this determination. She Pratices hard and after she has started bama cheer extreme the love for cheer has been able to show! She has made hard decisions this yr but she is working for her dream!