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Polly Pocket


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  • Kate Matheson

    Oh my goodness!! I remember these...that's how you know you're a 90s kid!

  • Sara

    I loved Polly back in the day. Man do they still make her? Haha: "Back when Polly actually fit in your pocket. And no one had to tell us, Dont choke on Polly Pocket, because we werent stupid enough to eat her." #Pollypocket #nineties #1990s #nostalgia #generationx #generationy #toys #1988 #lateeighties #childhood #memories #dolls

  • Shelby Mauk

    POLLY freaking POCKETS! These things were the bomb diggity. Not those "other" Polly's that are 3 inches tall and rubbery. The teeny tiny ones that come with a baller apartment that were a choking hazard. THOSE were the real Polly Pockets.

  • Carrie Lee&Raylyn

    Oh my gosh! I remember Polly Pockets. My childhood, right there. @Style Space & Stuff Blog Angoletta Sepic

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I had this very Polly Pocket...still might I want to go find it and play:)

Polly Pocket. This is how I got my nickname, thanks to Joy and Jill waaaaay back in the day :)

1989 Vintage Polly Pocket Polly's Pony Club. I think I bought this at a sale of work in my primary school.

Polly Pockets, back when they were actually pocket-sized!! :) Ultra collectible and stimulating for the imagination. This heart castle one was very popular; my sister had it, and now my kids can play with it. :D

tumblr_lohd6xCyvZ1qab1jso1_500.png (500×658)

Polly pocket! I collected these when I was little; I LOVED them! They're lame nowadays... :(

Totally had this----polly pocket Fairylight Wonderland

Polly Pocket -- brings back so many memories ♥

Polly Pockets - I loved them and hated them. I would be so devastated when they got lost (inevitably!)

♥ Polly Pocket!- I still have a bag full of these in the back of my closet for my future