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If you're looking for upbeat songs to add to your gym playlist to help you stay motivated with your workout and weight loss goals, this collection of 40 workouts songs is JUST what you need. I'm really digging 5, 7, 10, and 21 right now, but all of these workout songs will keep you pumped and (hopefully) give you the motivation you need to get back in shape (and stay in shape). Good luck!

The Overnight Diet! If you have a tendency to store fat around your middle, high insulin levels could be to blame. This means that even if you’ve lost weight on other diets, you’ve probably still been stuck with love handles or a muffin top because you haven’t succeeded in reducing your insulin levels.

Thigh Workout

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Slimming Legs Chair Workout

450 reps closer to creating a nice butt! {Stability Ball Glute Workout}

Best Core Workouts

Does cleansing your

21 songs that'll pump you up for your workout

A New Year is the perfect time to create a New YOU! There's no better way to start than these 850 reps to sexy Abs, Glutes and Thighs || Resistance Band Workout

How the body uses different sources of fuel, both dietary (proteins, carbs, fats) and stored (body fat, muscle).

Shape up & slim down at home.

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30-Minute At-Home Workout


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30 Minutes of Exercise: The key to a happier, healthier you! #infographic Check out the website for more

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Bodyweight At-Home Full Body Slimming Workout Plan – If you want to step away from the gym and still maintain your fitness level while burning fat, this home workout program is for you.