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DIY Skin Brightening Kiwi Mask

How to make your own homemade skin brightening kiwi mask to alleviate dry, dull skin. Sking Brightening Kiwi Mask 2 Kiwis Pureed 3 Tbsp Plain Yogurt 1 Tbsp Orange juice 1 Tbsp Almond or Olive Oil Refrigerated can last up to one week.

Vicks Shower Tablets Recipe (helps clear congestion from colds)

Homemade Vicks Shower Tablets

Vicks Shower Tablets Recipe A Thoughtful Homemade Christmas Gift for Men or Women (helps clear congestion from colds)

Homemade Rosewater Toner from Oh Hello! Blog

TONER _ Rosewater is naturally clarifying, tightens pores and reduces redness. To use, moisten a cotton ball with the rosewater and swipe over clean skin before moisturizing. For a little more luxury, add the rosewater to a hot bath.

Handmade Foot Soak

Handmade Foot Soak

For WNO: Foot Soak! 1 cup sea salt or kosher salt, 1 cup epsom salt, 4 teaspoons peppermint or lemon teaspoon olive oil, 1 teaspoon corn starch, 1 teaspoon baking soda

7 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Honey/ Facial mask –  1 teaspoon honey (preferably raw honey) 1 teaspoon olive oil Yoke of an egg  Exfoliator recipe  Combine honey, lemon juice and then add sugar. Rub on your skin (be gentle don’t bruise your skin) leave it for about 10-15 minutes and rinse with warm water.   Honey cleanses your skin, Lemon juice brightens your skin and sugar is an excellent exfoliator.

22 Amazing Benefits Of Honey (Shahad)

How to Make Strawberry Mint Honey Face Mask for Glowing Skin. Yes, please. fresh picked strawberries (thinly sliced) 3 tablespoons fresh raw honey and fresh mint leaves creating a smooth paste

DIY Home Remedy for Glowing Skin

Mix 10 blueberries and 1 tablespoon plain yogurt for a softening and depuffing mask!

DIY Lush Oatifix Natural Face Mask...who's skin couldn't use a bit of pampering this time of year?? Since I have everything in my cupboard to make this, I take it as a sign to try this tonight.

DIY Lush face mask - oatfix: A handful of oats, 1 fresh banana (mashed), A few almonds, 1 tbsp Honey, 1 tbsp Olive/Coconut Oil (add an extra 1 if you have dry skin) food processor pulsing some refrigerator time = a mask ready to go!

Green tea sugar scrub...can feel the softness and see the brightness already! http://www.inspirebeautytips.com/green-tea-sugar-scub

Green Tea Sugar Scrub

Use green tea as a body scrub, natural body scrub with a natural remedy for fighting and remoing toxins. 3 ingredients: 1 cup of Suger (in my opinion brown coarse sugar) Green tea powder 2 Green tea bags 1 cup Coconut oil

DIY Mango Citrus Body Butter Recipe

A Green Guide to Natural Beauty + Mango Citrus Body Butter Recipe

All natural recipe for super moisturizing Mango Citrus Body Butter. beeswax or jojoba wax cocoa butter shea butter 25 g mango butter 1 tsp almond oil 1 tsp vitamin E 20 drops citrus essential oil (recipe suggested 10 lime, 5 sweet orange, 5 lemon)