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there are many ways a dog makes a fine soldier--they find and bite the bad guys, they find explosives and contraband, they find trip wires and booby traps, and they love and protect their handlers with the same level of sacrifice and loyalty that could ever be asked of any servicemember.

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Firefighters give dog mouth-to-mouth resuscitation after house blaze rescue

Firemen rescuing a dog from house fire!

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When This Hero Was Laid To Rest, He Was Truly Honored... And He's A Dog.

Lorsque ce héros a été inhumé, il à été vraiment Honoré ... et il est un chien. When this hero was buried, it was really to Honoré ... and he's a dog.


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Blind Dog Rescued A Drowning Girl

This labrador retriever is a true hero. What a miracle. #pets #touching