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I've lived with four Corgis over the last 15 years or so. They are quite the characters!

Looking out the window. I would say either waiting to go out there or waiting for his master. Mine dogs always knew when the kids were coming home on the bus and my husband was coming home (without me saying anything or them hearing the vehicles, they would be at the door sitting 5-30 min. before)--G

The shadows make it look like this guy is in a prison jumpsuit!

Ready for My Close-Up! - Stoli, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi | Flickr - Photo Sharing! © Holly Hildreth

I wish I could have a dog, any dog, three legged, one eyed, toothless, I don't care. I need a dog in my life!

Bodie got a borgi for Christmas and it is the cutest, sweetest thing.. .so in love with little Ringo!

Miles the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Now how could I possibly be expected to resist a corgi named Miles????

"Pucker Up!" | Just in time for the holidays: another fabulous pic of cute Pembroke Welsh Corgi Stoli, via Flickr - Photo Sharing! © Holly Hildreth Photography

I found another cat outside my house! it's a boy & it's black & white!☺ I'm probably gonna name it moo☺

Oh my dear goodness gracious! I want one desperately and to name him Ein! For those who understand, go you.

Children's author Tony Abbott loves corgis and reading! #kidlit #summerreading

donut corgi - hahahaha no way would Bogart sit still, that thing would have been eaten!