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  • Julie Kirby

    Fortune Telling - 1919

  • Zondra Holm Semblewski

    Ziegfeld Girl: Rose Dolores ~ This photograph was reproduced in the May 1, 1919, issue of Vogue with the following caption: ‘Eager-eyed from under her bridal veil, she gazes in the fortune-telling crystal, hoping to see her dreams there in the clear yet mystery-filled glass. Fastening the draping veil of rose point lace are jeweled wings of platinum set solidly with diamonds and only Cartier could have devised the flexible setting.’ Photo by Baron Adolf De Meyer (c. 1919).

  • Raquel ~~~Marisa

    History of Art: History of Photography- Dolores, by Adolf de Meyer

  • Acovelum29's Shop

    Dolores, Vogue, May 1919Photographer: Adolph de Meyer. What if Gwynn could tell the future? Or was skilled in reading Tarot and crystal balls?

  • Nikki Bell

    THe Night Circus - Isobel

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i'm going to learn to belly dance and read cards. then i will run away and become a gypsy.

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there will be a crystal ball reader on one of the balconies or at a booth outside

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Some professed seers say that they do not actually see images in the crystal itself, but rather that the featureless interior of the stone facilitates them in clearing their mind of distractions so that future truths or events will become known to them.

ANTIQUE CRYSTAL BALL-I wish I could see the future like this. Rather than once in a while dreams that I have years before they happen.

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