The live of a lighthouse is quite dramatic ~~Light house on Isla De Mouro, Spain Photograph by: Lunada

Aniva Lighthouse - Sakhalin Island, Russia - built 1939 by the Japanese - on a small islet off the point of the cape of the what is now Russia's largest island which lies just off its east coast & separates the Sea of Japan from the Sea of Okhotsk


Splitrock Lighthouse at Lake Superior, Minnesota

Grand Haven Lighthouse in Michigan



Russian Abandoned Nuclear Polar Lighthouse 4

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The most powerful lighthouse in the world - The Creach - Ouessent Island - Brittany - France - by Stéphane Bidouze on 500px

Amazing Lighthouses

Thomas Point Lighthouse, Annapolis, Maryland


5. The aftermath. The fiancee died at sea. The keeper found her on the beach and buried her there. Afterward, he jumped off the lighthouse to his death. These images show loneliness, loss, and to me gives off a "quiet after tragedy" feeling, like something awful just happened and there's only silence to describe it.

Lighthouse ☄

A lighthouse stands tall during light and darkness. It is a focal point, a symbol of strength and guidance much like the Coclico woman. The lighthouse also brings a sense of serenity to the roaring current.