5 great rules that are a spin off of whole brain teaching's standard 5 rules. Also includes movements to help teach rules - review each morning as part of morn meeting.

Whole Brain Teaching-ish Rules :)

make classroom rules in word bubbles (w/ PECS obv) and laminate.

Great way to display class rules, reminders, etc. Use student photos with speech bubbles. Also use students to discuss class rules that they would enjoy having. This way they are responsible when they break the rules.

Nail Aprons for individual desk storage. Amazing idea. Ask HD for a teacher discount... saw this in a classroom and it worked so well! by helga

77 cents aprons from Home Depot tied to a chair.independent book bags next year. such a great idea and space saver! kids could even decorate their book holders!

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Classroom Decor. Gift for Teacher. Classroom Sign. Personalized Teacher Gift. Teacher Appreciation. Teacher Gift Idea. School Sign. Teacher

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