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inked music, I actually really like this treble clef. Maybe even more than the others....

nicely done! I've been looking for a really nice black rose tattoo and this is it :))

Scratch sometimes! ALL THE TIME:) hings, people and places... Letting go of what was never yours even you lived under the illusion that it belonged to you... Self control is rare and occasional gift for majority of us...God, what "people control" we are talking about?

#tattoo maybe include evil eye in the middle? looks like a compass, evil eye signifiying protection everywhere i go

Flowing cursive - fideli certa merces Latin: To the faithful, reward is certain - Tattoo design by Mara Zepeda

I love the way this all flows together even while actually leaving blank spots and not covering every inch with ink.

i like that its a nature key :) Id add 4 little birds and hearts

ok how have i never thought of tattooing the world on my back?! then i can put a dot to all the countries i've been. but then it would have to be a political map with all the country borders and that might get excessive and painful. nevermind the whole thing.

I like the swirls... I need ideas to fill in my sleeves a bit!!

Think I might jazz up my tattoo for Lori to look like this when I get Kiki's recoloured.