edging scissors + scotch tape + 2 colours polish = so simple it's GENIUS!

Scotch tape nail tutorial <3

10 Sharpie Manicure Ideas

yup, gonna try this.

Tips for using tape to make fun patterns.

for mel...you should so try this

Introducing one of the GREATEST INVENTIONS EVER! The LadyBug Nail Polish Holder!

Gel Manicure, I've done this with many different colors and brands of polish.... they are shiny, chip proof and last until you have enough growth that you HAVE to redo them. Cheap Gel Nails at home!

the one in the middle on the bottom is called a squoval in cosmetology terms. not squarely rounded. So if you ask for that type ask for Squoval not the other listed here.

Butter London Valentine Nails: Macbeth & Trout Pout

I love seeing different artist designs. They are so inspiring. Technician unknown. If you come across this image please tag yourself! #nails #lovenails #nailart #design #naildesign #manicure #nailpolish #paintednails #3dnails #gemstones #rhinestones #crystals

easy nail art

27 Nail Tricks to swear by! WITH ACTUAL WEBSITE AND TIPS!

Tips and Tricks For The Cutest Manicure Ever

taped dots

Glitter & Black

Love the metallic reverse french w/ the matte navy!

Use a bobby pin to make polka dots on your nails! HOW did i not think of that before?!

love thisss

Whimsical paper airplane nails