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Usually I am against dogs in clothes but when it's cold Remington does need a sweater because he has such short hair and this is adorable!!

3 doxies who look just like mine,,,,, SO cute! ♥

Super weenie! Doesn't get much cuter than this :) here to find out more

Oh my gosh. As cute as daschunds are... They have the nastiest habits. They roll in smelly things outside to disguise their smells.... Ours also likes to eat poop! That's why I don't let him kiss me!

I'm thirsty. My dachshund Lillie does this.She prefers it to drinking from a bowl.

Oh my...a reindeer hat. My cats would kill me if I would try that on them. But this dog looks quite pleased.

Is this not one of the cutest little faces ever??? Wishing I had a dog again!

Long haired weenies are my favorite! But I'm partial because of my beautiful Beau!!