These quotes sound so easy and so true, but to live them and integrate them into yourself require conscientious mindfulness to reap the HUGE beneifits they offer! AND YOU CAN ALWAYS "FIND THE BEAUTY"IF YOU SEARCH FOR IT. I promise you that! She decided yo break the rules and find beauty where there was none. - beauty quote

Happiness is...

I always find #beauty in things that are odd and imperfect -- they are much more interesting. ~Marc Jacobs #quotes

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Turn a negative into a positive.

When a road's brought you to the end, and it seems bleak, don't just give up. Hang on to everything you've done and learned along the way. When you feel there's nothing left and you have nothing left in life to live for, find the one thing you might still have that's good and tie a knot - do you best to stay with that something; don't leave it. Find happiness in it until you get back up the rope

If it feels good, do it!

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8 Ways to Find Beauty in All of Life’s Moments! #MondayMantra Create beauty! #Attitude #Behavior #Actions #BeautyQuotes #StayConnected

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you are beautiful.


It is not the fear of moving on that scares me, it is the fear of never going back. They never told us just how much it would cost to choose in life. They never told us that even though you can move on from certain things it may in turn cost you your heart. These decisions we face may turn us into either giants or monsters, but it has to be worth more than becoming nothing at all. - Mary Kate Teske -

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I like the idea that you can be sad and hopeful at the same time. Things can get better.