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Albino bobcat  SWEET expression! angelic!

(People are pinning him as an Albino Bobcat. Not a bobcat. Not an albino either with golden eyes)

Albino White Monkey - Rare To See

Albino White Monkey - Rare To See

Albino Monkey, South Africa, Photographer Christy Strever managed to capture the monkey on her last day on holiday in the Kruger National Park

There's no moral difference between the animals we kill for food and use as commodities,  and those we love as members of our families.  All animals, birds,  fish and insects are sentient and have a right to live. Go vegan and stay vegan for them.  It's the least we can do. Start here: www.vegankit.com

Barnyard Critters ~ Albino Raccoon just 'hangin out'. photo by Travis Allan Tanay

A white Serval cat, quite rare. ♡... Re-pin by StoneArtUSA.com ~ affordable custom pet memorials for everyone

Pharaoh is a white serval (Leptailurus serval), a species known in Afrikaans as Tierboskat ("tiger forest cat"). The serval is a medium-sized African wild cat. DNA studies have shown it to be closely related to the African golden cat and the caracal.

retratos-gatos-maine-coon-robert-sijka (3)

Photographer Portrays The Majestic Beauty Of Maine Coon Cats. Photographer Robert Sijka has a series that displays the beauty of maine coons

Create a Zoo for Albino Animals....  it was a great idea untill i told my mom...

Albino kangaroos, or white kangaroos, are quite rare.

Shedoros Maine Coon Cattery:

Shedoros Maine Coon Cattery Black Smoke Maine Coon Cat // reminds me of Ozymandias' cats in The Watchmen.