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kale raab buds

Kale buds and flowers. Lightly steamer sauté with garlic and olive oil sprinkle of lemon juice and red pepper flakes. (via digginfood.

kaleslaw from local kitchen

Asian Kaleslaw - Ooh another kale salad that sounds good!

Seeds to start now for your fall garden

Start Your Fall Garden Seeds Now

Lacinato/Dinosaur Kale: Italian heirloom requested by many customers. Milder and more tender than many kales. Very hardy, flavor enhanced by frosr. Best eaten when small and tender.


New BC-made Health Foods Hit Store Shelves: BC’s health food entrepreneurs are bearing fruit with new health food products that cater to West Coast vegan, gluten-free and health-conscious diets

Why Carrots are Orange (And 5 Non-Orange Carrots to Grow in Your Garden) : TreeHugger

Why carrots are orange (and 5 non-orange carrots to grow in your garden)

ooh i have purple potatoes sprouting! Purple Carrots Organic // Cosmic Purple Carrot Seeds by cubits on Etsy

Painted flower pots - diy with woodscrews and flower pot hangers

Colorful Touches for Outdoor Decorating

Would this fence idea work for an herb garden? In case you have a dull wooden fence at your backyard you can easily spice up it. You can make a colorful vertical garden of it. Tools and materials - Terra-cot

Make them marvel at your great mid-day meal - California Cookbook

Make them marvel at your great mid-day meal

Make them marvel at your great mid-day meal - California Cookbook