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A 75-foot-long pool winds its way along the lower level of the house. “The owner wanted a lap pool running through a tropical garden, with palm trees and bananas and views of the sky,” the architect Bart Prince says.

Welcome, Hemmings, Clifford's, irwins! Hope I reminded you to bring your bathing suits

this is what I want it to look like walking up to the house from the garden... someday

Yeah right!?!? When I hit the lotto.

Love the windows, the pool, the green - but the house would need to come with a housekeeper and chef

This house is the epitome of my dream home. It has a porch, a balcony, it looks like a french castle, and right in front of it rests a pond. Perfection.

I would have more open grass areas in the back yard, but I love the looks of this house! :)

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(via Nature Funneled Inside Sleek Fortress House | The Beautifulist)