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Skull Chair

Too much going on in your skull? A litte time in another head might alleviate that. Go on and let Atelier Van Lieshout's sensory deprivation skull chair ta.

buajaja hell-yeah!! fuck you table lamp by Andrea Maestri

The F*ck You Lamp is an awesome table option designed by Andrea Maestri. If you're trying to make a statement and like a bolder style, this lamp is your item

absolutely my chair!!!

This skull chair by Pool, a French design studio. The funky chair is named 'Souviens Toi Que Tu Vas Mourir' in French meaning 'Remember That You Will Die', and is essentially "Memento Mori" portrayed somewhat ironically through a plastic furniture.

MERCREDI : Les rubis chatonnés d'une nouvelle Machine à héritage et la dialectique du nouveau basculement horizontal  Les indés sont peut-être pendus (Business Montres du 14 août), mais ceux qui n'ont pas encore la tête sur le billot restent furieusement créatifs dans la sublimation des codes néo-classiques : la prochaine Legacy Machine n°2 de la bande à Maximilian Büsser pose des questions qui feront le buzz...

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Hour Glass Series: Skulls include wildcat, crow, vulture and vervet. The viewer can turn the hourglass and watch as the golden skull is slowly consumed by the black sand, adding a Momento Mori element. Each one-of-a-kind piece is names the amount of time

pomo pistola

Open the door with a bang. These door knobs, or probably more accurately door handles, are called Bang Bang and are designed by Russian design firm Napalm.

labial calavera

Cosas que necesito para sobrellevar esta vida que me tocó vivir


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