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    Finally - an article that properly explains how shanks REALLY work! How the bit fits in a horse's mouth

    Which bit to use? #Horse #Equine #Tack #Article #Tools #Riding #Training #BITOLOGY

    How to properly wrap the knee or hock joint - use animalintex and cohesive wrap don't need this now but you never know.

    Cranial Nerves and Proper Bridle Fitting. Show high sensitivity areas and why proper fit is so essential. So many bridles pinch from too tight browbands, even following the mouth corner rule

    horseback riding leg position

    Measuring you and your horse for a saddle

    X-Ray Visiont, How to Look Inside a Hoof Great post to help you assess and learn more about proper foot shape and function!

    Tail Positions - what they communicate

    just a girl and her horse

    A humans dreams can be seen in the eyes of a horse if you truly believe and want it


    Arabian horses, Pinto Arabian, Pintabian horses.

    Beautiful horse



    I love buckskins!

    most magnificant animals in the world to me!

    what i'm missing in my life. no one could play together more perfectly.

    Polish Draft Horse - Dapple Gray - What a big beauty.

    Andalusian Stallion Divino GF Photo by Kevin Kidder