How to hide a wireless router in decorative boxes.

How to hide ugly technology. genius.

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How to hide cords on open desks. This is awesome! This is the one I will be doing! Get that power strip off the floor!

Great way to hide cables!

How to hide all those ugly cords

Hiding Router / cable box

genius! The tutorial is amazing! This woman IS a genius!!

A hinged painting is perfect to hide the thermostat.

How to Hide Household Eyesores + Clutter #spon

Hinged cabinet for hiding large items

Excellent idea for a baby who already knows how to turn off the computer by himself.... Use a basket with handles to hide cord + components - via Clean Mama

Saving counter space in the bathroom!

Light switch cover upgrade

14 clever kitchen organization ideas

Medicine organization. i love this idea, you could store it away and STILL be able to find exactly what you need!

rubbermaid paint buddies. put your leftover paint in them and retouch anytime you want.

How to Contain Your Computer Cords - hanging basket with hooks screwed into the underside of the desk.