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Pictures & Photos of Sergio Di Zio - IMDb

Flashpoint ~ Season 2 ~ The Perfect Family ~ Spike and Lewis

Pictures & Photos of Sergio Di Zio - IMDb

Sergio Di Zio and Mark Taylor in Flashpoint

Amy Jo Johnson from flashpoint and power rangers!

It'd be difficult due to the gear, and no place to pull it off at, but I love her character Amy Jo Johnson - AKA Jules Callaghan ®.

Amy Jo Johonson / David Paetkau / Sergio Di Zio

Sergio Di Zio (w/Amy Jo Johnson & David Paetkau)

Spike ♥

"Looks like Martha Stewart in here, only less criminal." -- Michelangelo "Spike" Scarlatti as his team searched a house.

flashpoint cast | The cast of "Flashpoint" (L-R) Sergio Di Zio, Jessica ... - 2SPACE.NET ...

Flashpoint cast members - Spike, Jessica, Enrico and Mark Taylor

Beginner's Guide To Flashpoint by ~Bassara on deviantART Greg Parker, Ed Lane, Jules Callaghan, Sam Braddock, Spike Scarlatti, Lewis Young, Kevin "Wordy" Wordsworth.

Since the Season 3 finale is right around the corner, have a blobmic about Flashpoint.which according to dA search, all of 5 people should know about. Beginner's Guide To Flashpoint

Sergio Di Zio

Spike Scarlatti, also know as Mr. I mean come on, how can someone this cute defuse bombs.

Sergio Di Zio

Sergio Di Zio