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This picture makes me super happy!

this just makes my heart happy, this will be me and my husband when we are old and happy! old people are just so cute! cant wait to grow old with my future husband!

Elderly Couple Having a Great Time

Elderly Couple Having a Great Time

This is the goal we shoot for when we pledge our vows, the main source that must be the center of a marriage is that GOD is that center/core we should be standing on, thru HIM and only HIM we can surely make it! "Fight for your marriage!!"

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"Those who love deeply, never grow old..."

i want to be this happy when i'm old. old people in love are so sweet & precious. i love it.


It makes me happy to see an older couple smiling and talking. Especially if that couple is married, and still married. bcoz many ppl become best friend after break up their marriage.