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"Fine" in girl language means I hope you fall off a bridge, get raped by a shark and then eaten by it

I have spent so many nights like this! LOL!

AHHH! I'm two seconds away from deleting my fb for this reason alone. no one cares what you had for breakfast or what you're planning to do with your day!

Seriously haha just yesterday at noon i was like someone must have really strong thumbs to do this hehehehe

lol..yeah, it's true...but I have gotten over the makeup obsession..I can say my ex showed me how beautiful and I was without makeup and I ended up throwing it all out. I want to get Mac makeup and where it for special occasions.

LOL - I do like my croc flip flops though....

I can name all 173 breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club... Can YOU?

So true...but since I became a mom 6 years ago, I never have time to color coordinate my under garments with my outfits.

We simply skipped #'s 1-8 and started at #9......and Ribbon is fine with sharing our bed with us.....good thing it's a king-size:)

Lol I do this all the time l!! Or I txt my own number and put mom as the contact name