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    Suck UK Cat DJ Scratching Deck - the coolest cat scratcher around!

  • April Mastroluca - DJ Cat Scratch Turntable - Meow Mix Feline DJ Scratching Post-- for Cosmo

  • Wicked Gadgets

    The cat scratch Turntable for your budding DJ cat :) $42.50 #cat #dj #catscratch #cute

  • Lisa

    Cat DJ scratching deck One thing DJ’s and cats have in common is they both like to scratch. This DJ Cat scratching post resembles a real life DJ deck except where the vinyl is replaced with a cat friendly scratching material. The mat actually spins and the posable tone arm actually moves, which guarantees your cat hours of fun. BUY IT HERE

  • Jackie S

    Isn't this the cutest and funniest scratching pad ever? Another great find on #zulily! Cat DJ Scratching Deck #zulilyfinds

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When I was a kid, we had three cats colored like this: Bonnie, the black one; Meow, the gray tabby; and Dundee, the orange tabby.

something my cat would do. I never know where I'm going to find her! :)

Cat scratching post. The cat looks like it's waiting to take off! (ck. out his squinched eyes and ears ; )

I wonder what pets really think when a new baby comes into their world?.

I wanna rub that belly, even though I know i'll end up with love scratches!

Wall Mount Scratching Post for Cats - Steve could easily make this, and it would be a great space-saver...provided the cats will consent to use it.

Oh my....I'd take all three home in a heartbeat...and be in trouble.

Sometimes, you just need to put that baby on the floor and get yourself a Slurpee.

BEWARE :: Aggressive Snuggler & Attention Addict... Perfect description for Zorah. Lab and Bulmastif mix makes the best dogs by far. Gentle yet big enough to scare others! You get to know her, you will quickly realize she thinks she is human, little to size, and a totally a lap dog if given too much attention. lol

Great portrait with an orange cat

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