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Ricky and I are sitting together on first class. I front of the two love birds. *laughs*. ~Beth

This would be really fun to experience with you, think you can fly it? Land it rather lol??

$499 Everyone's Private Jet. www.flightpooling... somewhere by private jet. And look as good as her doing it :-) #emptyleg

"Lux Travelling In Private Jet" .. "Have The "Limo" Pick Us Up and The "Yacht On Stand-By" ...

In a private jet - Explore the World with Travel Nerd Nici, one Country at a Time.

(photographer unknown) - often times I look up at the sky as a plane passes over and wonder where it is going and what kind of adventure or life awaits the people on it. Someday I will be on one of those planes headed for parts unknown... packing for a trip, why does all of the planning go into what you’ll wear once you arrive at your destination? Here is our list of the twelve chic-yet-functional, TSA-friendly accessories to toss in your carry-on bag that will guarantee a smoother

Make enough money to own a killer privet jet.