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‘The Cotton Ball Game’ (pictured). “Two guests (or more) at a time are blindfolded and try to spoon cotton balls from the bowl on their lap into the bowl held on top of their head. They only have 30 seconds to get as many in as possible. It’s pretty tough since the cotton balls are almost weightless on the spoon and it’s very funny to all the other guests who can see that they are scooping up nothing but air most of the time!”

class Christmas party 1- throw "snowballs" into your partner's cup. 1-2- make as many "snowmen" (marshmallows stacked) in a minute, and 3 - Use a straw to suck up snowballs and drop them in a cup - as many in a . Minute to win it Christmas party games!!

Party Games for Boys. Awesome DIY party games for boys and girls. Great for birthday celebrations, family gatherings and just for fun. Lots of creative inexpensive game ideas.

Indoor Games for Kids | like badminton but with your feet! This is great for a day when it's too cold or wet to go outside #healthylifestyle #kidsgames #indoorfun

Playing a racing game called “Broken Heart”. They had to pass a tissue paper heart back and forth using a clothes pin without breaking the heart. Another quiet minute as they concentrated so hard!

Amazing Race Game for Kids - I can't wait to try this on our next camping trip!

who can be the first one to move the cotton balls from the bowl on their head (held by someone) to the bowl on their lap, using a spoon and while blindfolded. For the bowl on the head I used a microwave dish cover since the deeper bowls seemed a bit too difficult. Nice and safe indoor game.

Minute to win it game; How many marshmallows can you pick up with chopsticks game...great kid's party game. Can use any type of small candy also.

this site has really hilarious game ideas for adults and kids. they can be used for birthdays or just a fun game night. love it! For Christmas Day :)