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叢 – Qusamura | 白鳥 Mammillaria herrerae cactus

ED/ Oct - Dec 2010 " Cactus Love"

Hermetica.. This is too cute. On my need to try doing this one day list.

cactus. ~ WOW!!! A bit phallic—ok... SUPER PHALLIC‼️‼️, don't you think?!!! I LOVE THE COLORS though! (@ least I'm pretty sure that is why I'm drawn to them - LOL!)!!!

This giant saguaro cactus is over 70 ft. tall and they can live for over 150 yrs.

Enjoy using cacti and other succulents both indoors as an attractive design feature with minimum maintenance required.

~~Little finger-sized inconspicuous cactus has huge astounding flowers... for only one night! ~ Night Blooming Cereus by jungle mama~~

Cactus flower with a twist, literally! Huge desert flowering plants feed the insects. DdO:) MOST POPULAR RE-PINS - - FLOWERS BEYOND EXPECTED. Towering cacti give shade in the heat to bugs and animals - with beauty among their thorns.