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  • Tim Ward

    Childhood Memories Bubble pipes! I had forgotten all about these ... loved them.

  • Michelle Alexian

    Bubble pipes - rarely left a 1950s birthday party without one of these! Still had them for my childhood in the 60s. Cool !

  • Mary Hight

    bubble blowing pipes

  • Hazy Crystal

    Bubble pipes, I had one and I think I ended up drinking more of the bubble fluid than actually blowing bubbles

  • Abby Normal

    Bubble pipes. Can still taste the soap bubbles!

  • Susan Powell

    Remember Bubble Pipes?

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Erasers   (m willems on Flickr) @ nem apagava caneta :(

Kokeshi Doll Erasers Benley Made in Japan Piero New Vintage 1960s | eBay

Baby Doll PJ's. The best for hot summer nights

Dime store turtles. We had our share of these little guys!!!

Stamped leather bracelets..and purses...and belts! I forgot about these!

Hot Rollers

Who didn't want to live like Richie Rich??

Sears polyester stretch shorts,1968 REMEMBERING MY MOM WEARING THESE WITH ALL COLORS !!!!!


Flower power! Outrageously long lapels! Sears catalog Spring Summer 1970.


denim jackets with patches

Lady Clairol Make up mirror. I had this.

White Shoulders ✭✭ Grandma Reaves


Sears' "Merry Mushroom" set from the 70's. This pattern was everywhere!

Sally, Dick, Jane, Puff, Tim and Spot, Mother and Father.

I had one of these and just loved it. :)

I loved these

It was always mama doing the vacuuming and every family inevitably had a cheerful, spunky little dog.

loved these ~j

"Baby doll" pajama's or "Shortie" PJs. Loved them

Loved that Smell...