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  • Bobby Herman

    So #cute baby Animals #Baby Animals|

  • Leslie Graham

    Growing Up Together :) This is at The San Diego Zoo and Safari Park. They have several cheetahs that are paired up with the dogs. Surprisingly it is because the cheetahs are very shy and skittish and the dogs give them confidence.

  • Samantha Anderson

    This is how Disney movies are made!

  • Sherene Casanova

    True Friendship... Animals show it better sometimes! —

  • Adalyn West

    #bestfriends #forlife

  • Kelsi Conroy

    Some of the cutest things ever! Check them all out #Baby Dogs|

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This is cool: at the San Diego Zoo, they always pair these two animals because the Retriever helps to calm the Cheetah's anxiety.

THIS is why I love dogs. A golden retriever that didn't even belong to me -- because I've never had a golden retriever -- was once on a walk with its family around the lakes in Minneapolis. I was just sitting there. It took a step over and licked my ear. I don't know why. It just wanted to. That's why I love dogs.

what is better than dogs and little girls.

boxer dogs seem to have a thing for sitting on each other...or their humans. if i'm sitting on the floor, chances are good my boxer is sitting in my lap. All 64 lbs. of her;) - This is hysterical! But true.. My boxer sits down all over us... This pic makes my day..

If animals can grow and learn with another, despite differences in appearance, then why can't humans do it?

If more humans had the ability to feel love this way, the world would be a better place.

{piggy back?} this is entirely too cute! I wish I could train my dog to do this.

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