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Deadpool in an episode of The Walking Dead would be such a plot twist.... but it would be just like him. :)

Deadpool describes most of us…So so me...One of the reason I make an exception and pin Deadpool, despite the fact that he is Marvel, and not DC.

I was laughing at everyone's whining, then I got to Deadpool's, fell more in love with him, then fell out of my chair.

Deadpool... BECAUSE I SAID SO!

He’s not afraid of anyone. Not even the Avengers. | 23 Reasons Everyone Should Love Deadpool

DEADPOOL!!! *flail* The only time I like Spiderman is when he is being Deadpool's straight man in a comedy bit.

And this is why I love deadpool. 40 - Imgur

Marvel engagement rings. I always wanted my engagement ring to be a Ring Pop.

Dealpool movie trailer leaked!! Can't wait to see it!!