ceremony decor

COOL WEDDING IDEA~ Hang pictures with ribbon on the pews of the Bride & Groom growing up. The bride on the bride side and groom on the grooms side. Starting as babies in the back and growing up towards the altar. Love this!

For the Bridesmaids - a cute gift and way to ask them to be your bridesmaid - include a mini bottle of champagne, a bridesmaid tshirt and other cute simple trinkets. Place it all in a gift box and wrap it in a big bow

Your best gal pals will have a hard time saying no to this request! Ask your ladies to stand up with you on your big day with this Be My Bridesmaid Kit. Will You Be My Bridesmaid gift ideas like this are memorable and meaningful.and always fun!

Tell your guests your story as they walk to the ceremony.

Love story along the aisle as guests walk in.just not on big cheesy red hearts! Maybe wood signs.

Who Wears the Cake ...whoever has more money in the cup gets it in the face (good way to get extra cash for the honeymoon!) This is a cute idea, but Id still cram the cake in the grooms face anyway :P

"Who Wears the Cake" .whoever has more money in the cup gets it in the face (good way to get extra cash for the honeymoon!) I would take cake to the face for some extra cash lol

The bride and groom put their fingerprints on the swing (: and your guests' fingerprints are the leaves!

Every guest puts their fingerprint on the tree and signed their name. At the end of the ceremony, the bride and groom added their fingerprints on the swing hanging from the tree! Or do a family tree with grandpa and grandma on the swing

"Our story". Something to keep guest entertained while waiting for the ceremony to start. WAY cute.

"Our Story" on the seat of each chair. A really cute idea and something to look through while the guests wait for the ceremony to begin! And you could even do a his and her version. Cute idea as part of the wedding program

wedding sign with pictures of lost family and friends

For those who can't be at your wedding, place this sign on a table with pictures of lost loved ones.

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