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reminds me of the bunnies at Vala's Pumpkin Patch that my nephews just adored when hubby & I took them recently.

Picnic with a rabbit alexinthecity | Alexandra Heide | Alexandra Heide | Alexandra Heide!

If u don't think that this is cute then u probably need to go the doctor

The Bun-Bun Council selected this wallpaper for the downstairs bath renovation. ~~ Houston Foodlovers

Bunny dear. Not well concealed as a white rabbit, but gorgeous. If attached by a predator and brought to a wildlife refuge, they rarely survive. It is the fear they feel that kills them.

i seriously just SQUEEEEEEEEEEED!!! with excitement like a little girl >_< and i'm not ashamed because THIS BUNNY IS TOO CUTE!!!

Omg that is so cute my friend has a bunny....and it is so cute but not as cute as this one.awwwwww

Bunny ear on a bunny. See what they did there? This makes me smile every time.

remembersarah says: “This is my miracle bunny, Nubs. I placed him on his back so it’d be easier to see why he is named in such a way. He is missing half of his hind legs, as well as his tail because his mother chewed them off the day after he was born. He was bleeding quite a bit, so I was afraid he wouldn’t make it, but after plenty of special attention and prayer, Nubs miraculously survived. Now he is several months old, healthy, and his little nubs have healed nicely.”

To train your rabbit to use a litter-box in a selected area, choose a litter-box that is the right size for the bunny. Don't force a tiny dwarf rabbit to leap into an enormous, high-sided box designed for a gigantic cat--and don't make your French Lop squeeze his big frame into a toaster-sized toilet. The litter-box should be comfortable, and located in a quiet, private place.