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  • Luba Jolkinson

    best pose for stress relief :) , and it makes you laugh - Simhasana. inhale all the way to your belly, and exhale with toungue out and crossed eyes , letting out a lions breath :) rahhhh .Lion Pose (Simhasana) A favorite among the youngest of yogis, Lion Pose assumes the sitting position and facial expression of a lion. This posture, along with a roar from deep within the throat, has been claimed to help people who stutter.

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Lion Pose (Simhasana) -- we did this asana in Hatha I/II yesterday. It is very liberating.

Anyone with lower back pain sees this & immediately knows the relief associated with this asana. Do often & in every variation that feels good :)

Centreing yourself with the mindful breath.

Simhasana/Lion Pose - looks silly, doesn't it? Well, get over it, because if you wanna keep your decoulatage, you gotta work that lion's breath! Works the neck and collar muscles, TMJ, and AI (Atlanto-occipital) joint. Lift the eyes up while sticking your tongue out on the exhale so it works out your hyoid bone. This will also activate your digestive system and it works out your sternum, your six=pack abs, the pubic bone and the pelvic floor.

Ballet Fitness - keep in shape ..Boat Pose (Navasana) A challenging pose that develops determination and stamina, as well as helping to strengthen the core abdominal area and muscles of the lower back. Navasana can also help to counter stress and boost digestion.

breathe via @Angela Bourassa LeBrun (Angela LeBrun) GREAT to remember.

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yoga-- 6 days a week. Add strength training in the middle of the yoga practice. Then finish the yoga practice to stretch out the muscles worked with weights. Stress reduction & relief of tension in my body led to greater weight loss for me before.