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This is possibly the greatest meme ever.

willywonka - SO you want more extra credit? How about doing all of the regular credit? That's what I keep telling my kids!

Més Beatus - Receptes senzilles, cuina fàcil i gastronomia curiosa: Humor

What happens to pop corn when it’s hot outside? They tend to pop! And where it’s really funny to some, others are not so happy.


13 #Funny #Jokes for your kids

Alcoholic Humor is a collection of bar jokes - addiction jokes - drinking jokes - funny quotes - 12 step humor

We're sorry... We're sorry to announce that the creators of Love Is have asked to have their feature removed from GoComics. We hope that you...

Hobbes, Garfield, Doonesbury, Dilbert, Condorito snd hundreds more.

My room when my webcam is on. This is about right lol.

Video chat is a chance for my internet friends to get to know the real me!

Calvin and Hobbes

Dunning-Kruger Effect