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adorable play dough idea for preschoolers - Teacher Preschool - the liquid watercolors are such a great thing to have in the classroom!

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Gingerbread man storytelling with play dough

Great ideas for storytelling with play dough

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Dinosaur Play Dough

Dinosaur Play Dough Invitation and sand play dough recipe

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An A - Z of play dough flavours: play dough recipe alphabet

apple pie play dough, chocolate play dough, edible play dough, gingerbread play dough, herb play dough, jello play dough...nutella play dough, vanilla play dough, zingy peppermint play dough. The A-Z of play dough recipes!

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Queen of Hearts jam tart play dough recipe

play dough bakery

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Fall play dough recipes: clove, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg

fall play dough recipes

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play dough cakes Great British Bake Off

play dough cakes

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The Homemade Play Dough Recipe Book

Creative play activities with play dough!

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Christmas Day play dough recipe

Christmas play dough recipe