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  • Dee Adams

    SUPER CUTE IDEA!! FOR ELF ON THE SHELF East Coast Mommy: Magic Elf Seeds... delivered by our Elf on the Shelf

  • Lisa Campbell MacVicar

    Elf on the Shelf 'magic elf seeds' idea that grow cookies and link to Santa Clause stationary.

  • Tracey Fisher

    Magic Elf Seeds... delivered by our Elf on the Shelf, .jpeg santa letter

  • Aileen Broussard

    Free download of Santa Claus stationary ... also Elf on the Shelf magic seeds. I love these ideas!

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Magic Elf Seeds--Use tic tacs and sugar. The kids plant the 'seeds' before they go to bed and when they wake up they are candy canes! So cute for xmas eve!

East Coast Mommy: Magic Elf Seeds (green tic tacs) planted in sugar, sprinkled in snow, wait for the magic and see what will grow- so cute!

Magic Elf Key - good for when he arrives...

Elf on the Shelf turned two of his best friends into Elves..

Have him sit in front of the mirror and draw himself, hah!

18 Hysterical Ideas for Elf on the Shelf (will use for our elf that brings acts of kindness to do each day)

A cute idea for when the kids are really good! Elf brings back magic elf seeds (green sprinkles) with a note attached. Plant these in sugar & sprinkle with snow. Be good girls & watch what grows. The next morning replace with cookies as shown in pic!

East Coast Mommy: Magic Elf Key - for our "Elf on the Shelf"... including a free printable

TONS of Elf on the Shelf ideas - flickr photos! (k u need to see this!) I love this. If you have an Elf in your house during the holidays, this is a MUST SEE! @Amy Macalaguim @Amy Stagi Bernwanger @Cecil Bernwanger