Quotes (Reggio)

I couldn't agree more!

That's why I always tell my kids to work hard, study hard because I want them to value the little things @drepage and I provide them.


So true! So many kids are spoiled, but don't know what it's like to have a mother or father sit down, and just play blocks, or go outside and play with them. ~This is so soo true!!!!! Lucky for my girls they have us for parents hahaha!

You may not feel much love from all those in your life Jacob but I'm glad you tell me you know I do and your happy I make it a point to show you. I know how much it hurts to have a parent or step parent act like you don't exist just because they think they are perfect and you should be the one making them feel loved when no it's our job to make you feel our love. I love you very much.

So true!

Makes sense!

Awesome quote!

~ Jim true!

yep...agree on this one x






Words to Live By-will start utilizing this as a tool with my boys.

so very true.

Great Advice~