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15 of the Best Doctor Who Captions of All Time

Oooo! So elegant and understated and yet so geeky! The Doctors Name - Necklace - Gallifreyan.. WANT!!! O_O

The Doctor's Name. Doctor Who Necklace - The etched Gallifreyan text is the pattern on the cradle he had as a child, which is believed to be his name.

MIND BLOWN!!! YOU GUYS!!! I JUST THOUGHT OF THIS. you know how theres 12 hours on a standard clock. Well what if the 12th doctor is the last one.......... Im trying to hold back the tears....

You could tell it was breaking his hearts to leave her...even if he was leaving her with himself.

How to write Gallifreyan picture 1 ( looks too much like math - I'm out)

I'm 2 episodes away from this one in my re-watching :( I procrastinate by learning circular Gallifreyan.

Circular Gallifreyan Part 4 by DrawlingNell

The Gallifreyan alphabet.Start counterclockwise from six o'clock and put tem on one circle for word

Gallifreyan Timepiece by *CrimsonReach on deviantART