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  • Lori Wellborn

    “I’ve spoken with quite a few people who are convinced that nobody will want to have sex with them because they have grey hair, or wrinkles, or scars, or stretch marks, or health concerns, or any of the other effects of age. I feel sadness that they’re so sure that they’re unattractive to others because they’re unattractive to themselves. I wonder how much of that comes from never having thought of people over a certain age as desirable. […] The time to start thinking about older people being...

  • Some Random Guy

    Beach trip 2043

  • Sherree Totten

    Sweet. I hope this is their Christmas card pic! ;)

  • Brenda Sutton

    hubby and I in 30 years :) or may be 20 :} or 10 :{

  • Allison Chippendale

    “On a long sweet summer night, all the kisses you bring get my temperature right. Long sweet summer night. I will love you with the day turning too. If it’s the only other thing that I do.”

  • Sara Burton

    Skinny dipping! Don't know whether to cringe or smile haha

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Something is so sexy when you are in water and you man scoops you up to hold you.

I ♥ the Sea - i'm a woman from a small island and i've been away from the ocean for way too long :-(

The ocean stirs the heart, inspired the imagination, and brings eternal joy to the soul.

Our home is beside the Atlantic Ocean - Singer Island, Florida!

The ocean always calls to me :-) Artist Katie Daisy, www.thewheatfield... #quote

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