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Tentacle Scarf - CROCHET

" #Knitting_Tutorial for Flowers in a Row #Knitting_Stitch. This is much easier than it looks. Pattern: Cast on multiple of 6 sts + 1. Row 1: Knit Row 2: Knit 1, * (knit the next stitch wrapping the yarn 3 times around the needle) 5 times, Knit 1; repeat from * to end. Row 3: Purl 1, * flower stitch; purl 1; repeat from * to end. Row 4: Knit. Video at knittingunlimited." Enjoy! #KnittingGuru ** http://www.KnittingGuru.etsy.com

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How to Knit the Bee Stitch

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~A Q-tip makes a very simple and effective stitch holder. The cotton ends make it so it stays in place. Simple enough to stash a few of these in your knitting bag just in case you need them~

Knitting stitches

"Grater knitting stitches - so easy"--or so they say. I'll have to try it to be sure....I always find knitting patterns so confusing to follow. . . .

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Tutorials for 'different' Knitting Stitches - for once I learn how to Knit! Lol

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