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    So this bitch... ((LOL......... lots of my "stories" start like this... but mine are TRUE "stories!!))

    Every time!!!

    Yep yep

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    I think it's a comfort thing. When I was little, I was convinced that my cousin's ceiling fan shadow was a witch coming to pull off my nose. Ever since then, the fear is gone, but my blanket is up over my nose.


    LOL sayings!


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    I do this ALL the time!


    Ah man, I needed a good laugh!

    haha #quote

    This is absolute perfection...

    So true

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    rare, but it happens... I more often feel, "I don't care if you're joking - it's not funny."

    happens a little too often... I love this!!!

    First step is to acknowledge that you have a problem lol