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    1959 fiat 500. I'd so drive this

    How I solved all of life's serious problems

    They were. So were kaleidoscopes, lite brites and spyrographs

    I rocked at these.

    I was an aerobics instructor in the 80's

    I learned to kiss by practicing on Donny Osmond albums

    Mister Rogers and the Land of Make Believe. I still want to visit the crayon factory.

    Huge wooden tv sets - that you had to change the channel with vise grips once the knobs invariably broke off.

    Pull tabs from Pop Cans! So many cuts on my toes from being barefoot at Ocean Beach in SD and stepping on these.

    Phone booth...


    "Buffalo" sandals... My first "heels". I was in 6th grade, and I remember the sales girl talking my mom into my being old enough for them. All the girls had them!

    AMC Pacer 1975

    window tray at the drive-in

    Tickle Deodorant...OMG...totally had forgotten about these. LOL I had the pink one

    Old School Paper Cutter

    Great show!

    We walked to the K & L Market in San Diego and bought all kinds of candy, including Bazooka bubble gum so that we could read Bazooka Joes comics wrapped inside.

    Silly Putty and the Funny Paper

    vintage game card Old Maid - I had a deck just like this

    Mrs. Beasley doll. My favorite. I remember pulling her string and she'd say, "Speak a little louder dear, so Mrs. Beasley can hear you"