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  • Scott Morgan

    Birds. Bottom of the food chain. lol

  • Cassion McDonald

    Whenever a bird shits on my car, I eat a plate of scrambled eggs on my front porch just to let them know what I'm capable of.

  • Tracy Juliano

    Scrambled eggs. Like A Boss.

  • Laurie Kerley Hurst

    LO! I seriously laughed at this....if you know me, you know the birds love me and my car! LOL

  • April 'Ski

    Yes, my baby birds died...but I couldn't help but giggle at this. Baby birds don't poop on cars, only in the nest :)

  • T¤n¥a★ [€€

    funny quotes, whenever a bird shits on my car i eat a plate of scrambled eggs right in front of him

  • Tracie Diehl

    Still laughing at this one. Funny stuff!

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Someday, I will own a coffee shop in downtown Chattanooga or similar, and I will hang this on the wall so everyone who rushes through in the morning on the way to the office may stop and read it and have a smile to start their day.

My parents accused me of lying today. I looked at them and said 'tooth fairy, easter bunny, santa claus' and walked away like a boss.

i could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit a better argument than that

- I like that it's called "Wise Guys", but guess from the pointed comments (& services, not that guys can't get the goods) directed at females - Should be "Stupid guys" as YOU UGLY not bound to draw them in -

So I actually have this app and I made my boyfriend look fabulous lol it's called Perfect365

I'm slap happy or drunk because this shit is funny. I feel you on the guac, man.

Hahahaaa. I LOVE this story, and my 19 year old daughter does, too. One of my last real "discussions" in the classroom involved a statement I made about having to "get out the sewing machine last night"..... A student (several) thought I was just being stupid (Science-fictiony) w/them... Had NEVER seen or heard of a sewing machine..... and we're in GEORGIA.....

Hahahhahahaha I kind of want to do this... but I don't think there are that many Sabrina's in the world... haha

I heard that people don't actually laugh out loud when they're on the internet, when i see things like this, I assume they are liars, because I do seriously lol.

And I wonder if this guy wonders if I really care Survivor is not something all Americans watch anyway. Reality shows creep me out :0