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The 16 Best Things About Owning A Labrador Retriever

The 16 Best Things About Owning A Labrador Retriever

Looking for pet friendly attractions in Lewes, DE. Your pet will be happy with the unique array of attractions that Lewes, Delaware has to offer.

I need another lab in my life, best dogs ever! I agree. I miss my Sunny girl.

"I just got babopted!"

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Labs are so faithful to their master's no matter what the cost they always stay by your side. Like Jesus Christ does. He's your best friend.

According to a research a healthy Labrador Retriever has an average running speed of mph

Image from http://www.freewebs.com/loyallabradors/white.labs.mn.puppies.AKC.english.labradors.service.therapy.dogs.purchase.puppy.female.male.lab.jpg.

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