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Front yard in the snow

When autumn meets winter

The Linn Cave, Bardowie, Scotland

Winter Sun

I LOVE Weeping Willows <3

Fermette Marbeuf Restaurant, Paris

Jökulsárlón, Iceland

Melbourne - Australia

End of the Tunnel: Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, CA

Storm and Rainbow over an abandoned farmhouse near Burra, South Australia

Multnomah Falls, Oregon.

Buddha Park, Vientiane, Laos.

The Dalles Springtime Columbia Gorge, Pacific Northwest

strangler figs...so beautiful and so deadly (to the host tree)... http://rainforestpublishing.com/?tpin #rainforest #rainforestplants #stranglerfig #thebeautyofplants #naturelovers #rainforestidentification

Lindy Point - Blackwater Falls State Park - West Virginia

The Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ (Church of the Saviour on the Spilled Blood). St Petersburg, #Russia.

~~Aurora Australis from Mortimer Bay, Tasmania by Brendan Davey Photography~~

Lichtenstein Castle, Baden-Wurttemburg, Germany. The original Cinderella Castle.

A boy left his bike chained to a tree when he went away to war in 1914. He never returned, leaving the tree no choice but to grow around the bike. Incredible that this bike has been there for 98 years now!


Sunset in the fields of Queenstown, New Zealand - from the Exhibition: "Cropped for Pinterest" - photo from #treyratcliff Trey Ratcliff at www.StuckInCustoms.com