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"Unveiling" the secret to reversing vision problems naturally (I've tried it, and it simple)............... Its about exercising the eye muscles, but you have to be consistent and dedicated to it for several months. Only 5-10 min. a day. After that, you'll see it works and easily continue on. I'm typing with no reading glasses now, which would have been impossible 2 years ago

Water Drop eyes, long lashes, eye, tears, beauty, fantasy, art, illuminative, hai fatto tt il possibile,nn c dov lasciare

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La Bruja del Páramo

Las doncellas sin rostro

Burka, beautiful eyes. I met a professor who spent time in the middle east. He said that women often use their modesty to their advantage, and focus on making eyes beautiful. No need to hide those unsightly rolls!! If they can do that, so can I.