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ROMs can extend the life of an old phone if you can’t afford to upgrade, but not all phones have good, stable ROMs. Installing a third-party ROM is not without risk—you could render your phone permanently frozen (unlikely) or cause it to become unstable (somewhat more likely). Still, something like CyanogenMod can add new life to an old phone.

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Add style to any room in the house with a vintage phone from DST UK. Whether it's a American Diner phone you're looking for or a vintage rotary phone, we've got an incredible collection of styles and colours to suit everyone.

Features:  -Rotary dial with push button technology.  -Redial feature.  -Ringer volume on/off switch.  -Tone/pulse switch.  -Earpiece volume control.  -Coin Bank.  Product Type: -Corded telephone.  Wa

Crosley Radio Classic Pay Phone (Black) from Sunrise Wholesale Dropshipping

I had a phone just like this when I was a little girl                                                                                                                                                                                 More

How to Calm a Disruptive Class: The Quick & Easy Method that Saved My Sanity

I ❤ COLOR AZUL TURQUESA + AQUA ♡ Remember when? Great color too. {I would always get so frustrated as a kid when I had to call home on one of these. My little baby fingers couldn't handle it}

My grandmother had this exact phone. Cloth covered cord and heavy grinding rotary dial. I grew up with rotary dials but hers was REALLY old. I miss that sound.

At one point, I was up to 2 packs a day.

Candy Cigarettes - we thought we were hot stuff smoking our candy cigs!

#TBT Throwback Thursday... 80s and 90s kids..ya my generation grew up on some pretty crappy foods/drinks! Best stuff ever! haha

Squeezit juice drinks - a sure-fire way to prove your parents loved you more than other kids' parents loved them: Squeezits in your lunch box!


Hanna-Barbera y todos sus cartoons!

Old school cartoons. I rode the USA cartoon express! Watched after Saturday morning cartoons ~ The Jetsons ~

¡Ganarás el juegoThe Oregon Trail un día de estos!

38 cosas que trasportarán a los niños de los 80 a los días de de la escuela primaria

Oregon Trail on original Apple Computers. Someone please say they remember this back in Elementary School, besides me!

I got a bride doll like this for my fourth birthday, and kept her for many years!

Bride Doll - Pinner says: I remember her. I think she was called a Jolly doll.

Sweet memories!  Both of my grandmothers had one of these...

My grandmas kitchen stool I use to sit on at the dinner table.my Aunt had one of these stools in her Kitchen! Loved it!

10 Retro eighties toys you wish you still had for your kids!

10 Retro Eighties Toys You Wish You Still Had For Your Kids

10 Retro eighties toys you wish you still had for your kids! I still have my viewmaster, my little ponies, and cabbage patch kid. I think I have the ring thing too.

my mom never let us have these after an incident where my sisters and I shook the bottles up and squirted out bottles on the walls

Squeeze Its have been alluding me, but Kool-Aid Bursts will work too! Add these to your beverage arsenal!