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My first selfmade shield for infrared measurement and lcd #arduino #electronics #software #hardware #shield #engineering by nilslovesembedded

Arduino All-In-One Remote

Picture of Arduino All-In-One Remote ---- HEY HEY!!! For more COOL ARDUINO stuff, check out

امروز رسید به دستم.. آردوینو مگا 2560 و شیلد lcd Just today i got these. #Arduino mega 2560 #LCD #Shield #electronic #iot #board #embedded #embeddedsystems #engineering by jmsalehi

DIY Arduino scrolling LCD text shield

This project is an upgrade on my "DIY Arduino LCD shield" go check out how to make it on my channel! In this project I’m going to use an Arduino Uno to scroll some text on a 16×2 character LCD which is controlled with a pair of pushbuttons. The project can easily be extended to do more, like add to more pushbuttons to go up, down, left and right maybe.PARTS USED:Arduino Uno16×2 LCDArduino UNO prototyping PCB10K potentiometer2x pushbuttons3/5mm LED2x 10kΩ resi...

raspberry pi blog by smstext: Simple beginners lcd timer with arduino and lcd shield

Arduino GSM home automation system

DIY Arduino scrolling LCD text shield

How to scroll text on a 2-line lcd #arduino ~~~ For more cool Arduino stuff check out http://appstore/iotmonitor

Monitoring and record data humidity and temperature with arduino and module sensor DHT22 LCD 16x2 Data logger shield and RTC DS1307 #arduino #electricalengineering #engineer #engineering Project tugas akhir 90% Penulisan tugas akhir 35% Laporan Tugas akhir magang 10% Trust me i'm engineer ... ! by saputrathio

اليوم راح اعرض لكم مشروع التخرج عنوان المشروع :The Air Quality Monitoring and Controlling Using Arduino Uno interfacing with lN LabVIEW. مكونات المشروع : 1-Arduino Uno 2-NO2 gas sensor (MQ-131) 3-CO gas sensor (MQ-7) 4-Temperature and humidity sensor 5-GSM shield Arduino 6-LCD 7-FAN 8-Air Filter 9-solar system فكره عمل المشروع : استخدام الميكرو كنترولر اردوينو مع وضع حساسات الغازات والحرارة والرطوبة داخل المنزل وفي حال حدوث اي زياره في نسبة اي غاز من CO او NO2 او الحرار والرطوبة بشكل…