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Pennywise from IT vs. American Horror Story clown -- but Twisty's mantel has been passed to Dandy! Now, THAT is a scary killer clown !

These Sexy Movies Are Too Hot To Handle

30 incredibly sexy movies for people who don't care about "Fifty Shades of Grey"

I have no idea who this woman really is, but I have a feeling she'll make it in a novel as some sassy senior detective. Or the sassy senior vampire detective...

"Paroles des Jours" Videos, in French, by friends of Proust. (

Building the perfect hero #25. Innocence and Fall from Grace.The first novel in the series chronicles the transition from the lad's edenic early youth (although in a violent and primitive historical context) to the moment he earns hero status. Abuse, torture and, consequently, loss of personal integrity and PTSD signal the Hero's Fall from Grace.

BODIE and FOU★ Le Blog: Inspiring Interior Design blog by two French sisters: Life with Mila...and La Princesse au Petit Pois