This picture is so cool!

Sunset Refraction


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Thats what I call an incredible backlit shot with just the perfect lighting. Kudos to the photographer.

Beautiful picture!

♂ reflection glass ball

This is so cool! take the picture with the sunset, but make everything outside the heart black and white.

Whimsical world of reflections by Mariya Luiza

Black Sand Magic - giclee by ©Roy Tabora

東芝LED 10年…に通じるストーリーを感じますね。

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Look To Nature It will never Fail you

Very nice...

Lights fillin' up a wine glass, pretty yums! Just a magical shot. Cheers, darlings.

Stunning sunset

Love the colors!

City Portrait

Golden sunset

Sail me out to sea and leave me floating there there I wouldnt mind the drifting breeze or the salty ocean air maybe that's where I'll escape laying on the waves I couldn't think of a better place in which to end my days