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Best pick-up line.

I will always pin this. My favorite pick up line ever. | 21 'Murica Memes To Keep Your Patriotism Flowing

Find the girl who falls for this pickup line and marry her! | Bad pickup lines | Geek & Nerd Humor | Howard from Big Bang Theory #funny #Math #Jokes | re-pinned by http://www.wfpcc.com

Classy pick up line haha

lmfao TRUTH

*giggle* I love corny pick up lines for guys!



XD hahahah.... 10 Pick Up Lines You Can Only Use In Summertime | 10 Pick Up Lines You Can Only Use In Summertime

Oh my goodness... My friend decided to use a cheesy pick up line quite a bit like this for me to flirt with a guy... Sarah: " hey Dalton, Cheyenne is missing something from her phone." Dalton: *looks around on the ground* "what is it?" Sarah: "your number" Me: *face palm* He started laughing... We ended up going out for 5 months... Who wouldve known? Eh?

This is brilliant!! The last ones the best, and Superman xD

TBBT- Howard's pick up lines

Best pick up line ever!


Hey girl

Dang boy, are you my vestigial tail? | 25 Times Tumblr Had The Best Pick Up Lines

Are you a carbon sample? haha this made me laugh

Kitty cat pick up lines.